Emotionally: Animals help lift a person's mood. They give people something to focus on outside of themselves. People who are sick, lonely, feeling down and even depressed will often respond to an animal offering genuine affection and unconditional love. Responses might include: smiles, eye-contact, physical touch (reaching out, petting and stroking), and communication. Severely sick or depressed individuals may also show increased awareness, attention span and interest in the world around them.

Physically: Touching and interacting with animals can help lower a person's blood pressure and provide stress relief. People with pets also have longer life spans and suffer from less depression.

What makes Pet Therapy work? 
  • These animals are non-threatening and non-judgmental.
  • They don't expect anything.
  • There is no pressure on the person to do or say anything.
  • The animals are quiet but friendly.

What exactly do the animals do? 
  • They are present.
  • They accept and are open to whoever the person is and whatever that person needs.
  • It is as if the animal says, "Here I am."
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