Why Breaking Boards Feels So Good

There are certain feel good truths that we can all probably agree upon such as laughing with friends feels good; eating ice cream on a hot day feels good; getting a promotion at work feels good. Now, think about breaking boards with your bare hand. Does it feel good? Does your mind instantly think, “No way!”? Well, that is the beginning of the “Feel good” of board breaking.

The purpose of board breaking activities are to literally break through the “no way!” mindset, to the “I did it!” mindset, which is the one that feels good. Think about all the things that don’t make you feel good such as fear, pain, negative memories, lack of self-confidence, self-doubt and regret. Now, imagine crushing through those things in one focused moment of breath and action. It would feel pretty good, don't you think?

Board breaking begins with everyone sitting with a blank board in their lap and a pen in their hand. Participants are invited to write down all the things that they want to break through on the board itself. The board is the physical representation of the challenge or obstacle to overcome. The action of breaking through the board is the positive reinforcement of “breaking through” the things that don’t feel good. While board breaking is a physical action, what is happening inside our bodies, emotions and brains is a rewiring of neural functioning. A subtle shift had taken place from the “No way” to “I did it!”. Add in the secondary positive reinforcement of encouragement, cheering and peer support during the board breaking activity and we have a whole lot of feeling good going on.

The board-breaking experience provides the foundation of future good feelings and success.  Dr. Hill undertakes board breaking as part of a fully experiential experience that includes a safe and supportive environment leading up to the board breaking. Take the first step in redefining the good in your brain by breaking through the fears and obstacles that are holding you back.